Know your Love Language

November 07, 2017 at 05:57
Know your Love Language

There are many and different ways in which many of us express love to one another. In addition to this, it is in these very same ways that we know that someone loves us. These are what we call the love languages. We all have different, but one of the five. Here is a brief description of each of them.

Words of Affirmation: Do you love being told wonderful things about you, over and over again? then this is your love language.

You want your partner to keep saying things like; ” I am glad I am in love with you, There is no one like you, I love you over and over again, you are beautiful, the best thing that happened to me.”

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words of affirmation

This is how you show, and want to be shown love. These words can be conveyed through a text message, a lovely card, or even by mouth.

Acts of service: Some people may love it when their spouse does for them things, or helps them in chores. Some may thing one is lazy, but it is not the case.

They just believe that if your partner offers to help you with something then they truly love  and care about you. There are also people who are constantly running errands for their loves.

Helping one another

Receiving gifts: If this is where you belong, then you usually believe that for someone to love you, they have to ways be surprising you with beautiful gifts. necklaces, shoes, etc.

People with this love language are usually the best at choosing gifts, because they believe everything you give, has a message engraved.If this is your partner’s language, then do not miss out on any of their birthdays.



Quality time: Have you ever been in a situation where someone is always asking to see you, to take you somewhere special, or to spend some time with you? This is b their love language. It’s the way they can show you they care.

These people believe that being in your partner’s presence is paramount. They can even be together in a room, and both say nothing to each other.

spending time together

Physical touch: Lastly, is the physical touch. Sometimes your partner may not want to call you, take you to places, or even give you gifts, but the moment you are with them, they are always cuddling, fondling, hugging or kissing you. They love to hold hands in public, and always want body contact.

body contact

Understand your partner and know their love languge. It is important to know yours too, for better communication and a healthy relationship.


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