Korede Bello Performs At Reach a Hand Uganda Music Concert

March 09, 2018 at 03:30
Korede Bello Performs At Reach a Hand Uganda Music Concert

Yesterday was a public holiday to yearn for. There were many performances, music shows, and campaigns in different parts of the country. One of them was during the #LiveYourDream campaign. In partnership with NGOs like Reach a Hand Uganda, UNFPA (United Nations’ Population Fund),  is running a campaign to prevent teenage pregnancy. Yesterday, music sensation, Geosteady flew in Korede Bello to be part of a music concert.

Korede Bello walks into the country

During the launch of the campaign, Rebecca Kadaga said;


“The campaign is about supporting Ugandans, young and old to live up to their fullest potential, protecting girls from gender based violence, preventing them from getting pregnant too early and supporting them to avoid HIV”

Geo Steady together with the Nigerian artist


It uses mostly celebrities to preach the message. A music concert was held on Women’s day, where various artists attended, including famous Nigerian artist, Korede Bello. He is known far and wide song Godwin, which shot up the charts like a wild fire. The artist passed on different messages and urged students to respect each other. He mainly preached against bullying, and shared his experience;

“bullying is real and many young people have lost out to their dreams due to being bullied while growing up”


Reach a Hand Uganda uses celebrities because of their fame, and number of people who look up to them. Geosteady himself performed to his fans. In addition to this, rapper, Navio, Fille and Naava Grey were also part of this move to create a better generation.

Miss Y+ also made an inspirational speech to the youth.

Fille Music

Navio was Fire

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