Lilly Ajarova Appointed The New CEO at Uganda Tourism Board.

January 12, 2019 at 10:51


The eminent changes at the Uganda Tourism Board has kicked off as one of the top position at the board has already served its share.  Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust Executive Director, Lilly Ajarova has been appointed chief executive officer of the Uganda Tourism Board, the government parastatal responsible for marketing and promotion of Uganda;s tourism. The former boss of Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary takes on the position that has been held by Dr Stephen Asiimwe.  The latter will be resuming his studied as he will be pursuing his PHD studies at the popular Makerere University after the end of his five year tenure in office.


The news was broken by the state minister of tourism, Hon Ssuubi Godfrey Kiwanda as he thanked the outgoing chief executive officer Dr. Stephen Asiimwe for his feat in the job. While announcing the appointment of the new officer, he said that Lilly Ajarova had the right credentials in her qualification and experience to take on the top job at the Uganda tourism board and he has great hope and faith in her to be a hit to promote the country’s tourism sector. Ajarova has served 13 years as executive director at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

The environment conservation maestro is a very hand working person with great passion in nature conservation since she has devoted all her life to animal wellbeing, environment education, nature conservation and sustainable tourism development. Before taking up the reigns at the Ngamba Island, she also worked at the Uganda wildlife authority as the Director of Tourism and Business Development.

Basing on her work background, she is the right person for the top office to steer Uganda’s Tourism to the forefront income earners. Other personalities who had admitted their cvs for the job include Dr. Sseguya, the former executive director for the Uganda Wildlife Authority as well as

Hon.Kiwanda appointed the assistant to Mrs. Lilly Ajarova in Bradford Ochieng who received his appointment letter in front of the media during the address.

Mr.Ochieng is also a senior in management. He has been acting as the Director of Corporate Affairs at Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority.

According to the Uganda Tourism Guide, the selection of Ajarova has been received with excitement from tour operators who have hailed her reecent work at the Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary. They praised Ajarova for her past work on the committee that directed the development, implementation of quality assurance, grading and classification of hotels in Uganda.

She also holds several awards including the prestigious National Golden Jubilee Award, Tourism Excellence Award and Wildlife Conservation Award.


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