Maddox misses show after weed overdose

February 11, 2019 at 05:37
Maddox misses show after weed overdose

If anyone ever needed a manual to kill a career,  consult a one Maddox Ssematimba. The musical icon with a career spanning from the 90’s was a household name until he fell of the wagon.

Fellow musicians and concert organizers have done so much to revive his past glory by booking him for shows and playing his music but he seems too far gone.

Maddox was supposed to headline Thursday’s  comedy show alongside Weasel. When the time he was expected to show up reached but he was a no show and was later discovered in a shack knocked out by weed.


This has happened on a number of occasions and organizers are starting to avoid him all together.

One of the organisers

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