Mary Luswata calls Fille’s lyrics for “Love Again” Nursery Rhymes

November 08, 2018 at 14:18
Mary Luswata calls Fille's lyrics for "Love Again" Nursery Rhymes

Gossip queen Mary Luswata slammed singer Fille Mutoni’s new song titled Love Again.

Fille Music

Luswata who made a name for herself for dissing celebrities and getting them in their feelings strikes again with her plaform at Galaxy Fm.


“Fille’s lyrics in her new song sound so childish. In fact they are for nursery kids.” she said

Fille songs have been known for there simplistic lyrics that done leave much thought to be given and we may to a certain level agree with Mary.

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  1. l agree, trust me what did you do by fille is too simple for a celebrity like her

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