Mc Kats Caught flirting with Mystery Babe

April 13, 2018 at 13:03
Mc Kats Caught flirting with Mystery Babe

Renowned TV presenter, Mc Kats and his baby mama, singer Fille Mutoni are one rare couple. They both publicly flirt with other people, but it doesn’t break their love relationship. Fille was recently pictured receiving a dab from attention seeker, Bryan White at one of the weekly Comedy shows in town.

Additionally we have seen Kats propose to Fille on various stages but never marrying her. Public opinion is that Kats is just made to father multiple kids but never to settle down.

That theory might be proved true with this latest development.


MC Kats was pictured almost intimate with a mystery girl who was dressed in seductive outfits at Wave Lounge. She was dressed in a low-cut white dress exposing her luscious thighs.


Kats appeared to be salivating, while the girl was downright horny.

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