What not to do on a first date;LADIES

November 13, 2017 at 11:14
What not to do on a first date;LADIES

What not to do on a first date. Here are some valuable tips for you ladies.

DON’T wear things that are too high, too short, or too tight.

And not because of what he might think—this tip is for you, and you alone. A first date isn’t the time to take those fierce six-inch stilettos out for a spin, or wear that dress that you think is a little too tight. Why? Because first dates are anxiety-filled enough and being uncomfortable in your clothes only makes it worse.

DON’T be surgically attached to your phone. 
This is the big one, ladies: The act of compulsively checking your phone every two minutes could be a bonafide deal breaker. There’s nothing ruder than trying to have a conversation with a person who’s constantly stating at their screens—wouldn’t you be put off if he were paying more attention to his iPhone than to you?

DON’T try to prove your worth using shallow tactics.
What not to do on a first date? Maniacally mention your ex-boyfriend, your dating history, all the time you spend at the gym, the laundry list of guys lining up around the block to date you, or how everyone says you look exactly like Beyonce. If you get the urge, step up your game and act your age. And, odds are, if you’re really

DON’T get wasted.
There’s not much to say here without sounding preachy, but keep this in mind: Having to be carried home by a guy you barely know isn’t chic (nor is puking in the cab, doing something you regret, or crying at the dinner table.) Sure, a couples of cocktails can be fun and loosen the mood, but knowing your limits—and sticking to them—will help make a stronger first impression.

DON’T stalk him after the date—social, or otherwise. 
In today’s world, texting and catching up via social media is a viable means of communication after a date, but there are a few rules we all should follow. If you had a wonderful time and feel like shooting him a casual text later that night or the next day, go for it.


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The best thing to do is just be yourself


Nowadays people don’t care


Many will drink like they jst dont mind


This is very true


Be the best you can guys

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I’m a whole lot of “what not to expect.”