One Dead As Kakise Bus Loses Control

February 08, 2018 at 06:46
One Dead As Kakise Bus Loses Control

The Congestion in town has finally caused problems to the country. Hundreds of vendors usually crowd the streets and roads that are around bus terminals and stations. This brings about difficulties in access. In addition to this, the bus drivers are always in a rush, exiting the terminal, regardless of who is standing in their path. A normal day at a Kampala Bus station, is crowds of people crossing the roads in front of buses, inadequate space for the vehicles to turn, and angry bus drivers carelessly making their way through. On Wednesday, Kakise  bus lost control, and rammed into a building, killing one person.

May her soul rest in peace. Female Vendor killed by a bus

Many other by standers, vendors  and pedestrians were also injured and there is fear that many more could be dead. There are no details yet about the deceased, but our sources report that she was a fruit vendor. The Bus that lost control was with the number plate 437/P from the Kakise Bus Company.


The accident happened around Kisseka Market as the vehicle lost control, along the slopes of Kyaggwe road and rushed into a nearby building.



  1. so graphic, rest in peace

  2. rest in peace

  3. RIP

  4. sad and graphic

  5. so sad, RIP

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