Our Very Own Ghetto Kids Hosted on BBC News

June 13, 2018 at 17:32
Our Very Own Ghetto Kids Hosted on BBC News

The Triplets Ghetto Kids are not yet giving up on the fame arena. Their dance has done alot for them, more than many major artistes in the country. On top of the great publicity they have been receiving from 2017 to the beginning of this year, they are at it again. The talented award winning dancer were this week hosted on BBC News. This makes them the first African celebrities to be hosted on the show, Whats New. The boasted about this, as they shared the News with their fans;

The Ghetto Kids on the BBC Show


We got a chance to be hosted again on And this time we are first African to be hosted on this Show and it premiering in 2 weeks ! It’s called for Uganda representing with Ghettokids! We so happy to represent Uganda to the rest of the world.”


Congratulations Ghetto Kids. You are on your way to being the greatest dancers.

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