How The People of Uganda Welcome Their Prophet, Elvis Mbonye

October 12, 2017 at 10:22
How The People of Uganda Welcome Their Prophet, Elvis Mbonye

Ugandans will show you how to have fun. Ugandans will show you how to pray, but most importantly, they will show you how to welcome someone they love.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye;s Remnants

Prophet Elvis Mbonye, the prophet of the people, commonly known as the “slay prophet” finally returned to the country from Angola. He had traveled there to join their popular prophet, in spreading the word. The later had set a challenge for Mbonye’s flock, regarding the way they welcomed, received and accommodated the prophet.


The prophet being welcomed

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is back, and he got a show stopping welcome at Entebbe Airport. His cars cruised by and stopped the traffic flow as many of his remnants held posters saying they honor him, love him and welcome him back.

The welcome

Prophet Elvis is known for his gifts in prophecies for both people and nationwide. He also holds his service at Kyadondo which attracts a lot of people, majority the youth. In addition to this, the prophet has also bought a Range Rover and owns a range of nice designer suits.

The prophet of nations

There is  a belief that people who honor their prophets receive blessings and good things from the Lord, and this is the culture of honor that is being cultivated in Mbonye’s church.

There you have it Angola

In their welcome on his social media walls, many have also referred to him as Mr. Future, Papa, Navigator, Sweet daddy, Prophet of Nations, Spiritual Father, supernatural ambassador, Professor of prophecies, Prophet of this generation, and many more names.

Amazing welcome

Welcome back prophet Elvis

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Ugandans are brainwashed very badly

Barbra James

Is this prophet real or a scam


Religion is becoming a deception because of this men of god

Zari Hamisi

Who are this people always following him


The prophet of the people is a loved man


JESUS is HIs Name. Follow and Worship – serve Jesus!! He TRULY deserves ALL the glory, and will not share it with a man! If only all this pomp, fanfare and glory were given to Jesus first! God will honor man and HE has, but in its proper order. This order is not the right way!

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Always excited for no particular reason