Here are some places to find lasting love

January 31, 2018 at 10:36
Here are some places to find lasting love

Lasting love seems to have evaded the world in these days of tinder and snap chat. But hey it you are still as traditional as the few that f us you can still find love everywhere you Just have to look.

Here are a few pointers on where you can meet people.


Just like in the movies, the wedding scenes usually end up with people falling in love and in real life it could happen  to you. There are usually more single people at weddings than you would know if anything just to get an inspiration. Ask the bride and to introduce you to their friends and family because why not?



Yes Work is a good place to find love but first you have to find out the terms on dating in your organization. As you know, there are many younger single people in the workforce and given you see each other everyday, there is more time to get to know each other well.


The gym at peak hours maybe one of the better places to find love especially if you are a regular. You may be connected by having a common goal and working to achieve it together.


This is the oldest one in the book. You are likely to meet someone with whom you have similar beliefs, fellowship and have more people to look out for his character and friends.

Now go ahead and find your price charming just in time for Valentine’s.


  1. Church? how come i haven’t before

  2. The gym is just flings

  3. Weddings are the hunting grounds

  4. Work could work but its very sensitive

  5. Ivan Ssenyange : January 31, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Church is the place

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