President Museveni Commissions CCTV Camera Command Centre

October 11, 2018 at 04:53
President Museveni Commissions CCTV Camera Command Centre

Can we say that Uganda is now at the Take off sage? That our problems of increased street crimes have been solved? Museveni on Tuesday commissioned the National CCTV Cameras Command project in Nateete. This was introduced to curb don on the crimes, especially the shootings that have taken the lives of some of the major fighters in the country.

“Let’s keep the faith. The problem of urban insecurity perpetuated by armed assassins riding boda bodas will be solved. What we needed were eyes, ears and a nose to sense them. It is what the cameras will do. Once we see these criminals, we shall get them, “ The president shared

Museveni promised Ugandans a solution to the insecurity. He has delivered


During the launch, 122 surveillance CCTV cameras were installed with live feeds around Lungujja, Old Kampala, Rubaga, Kawaala, Kabowa, Nateete, and Mutundwe . This, is an important move that we hope is a walk to our safety.


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