Rachel K Welcomed Like a Boss by Abryanz Team

December 07, 2017 at 09:32
Rachel K Welcomed Like a Boss by Abryanz Team

East or West, home is best. Rachel K could not hide her excitement in her previous Facebook posts about coming back to her people. She kept counting down the days when she will he in her motherland. Finally, she is here and has stepped our soils, and was welcomed like a Boss.

Rachel K welcomed by Abryanz Team

The exciting news that this package of talent will be the official host for ASFA2017 edition has spread far and wide. We cannot wait to hear her voice up there on stage, once again. The ASFA crew are also proud of their selection, and like we know Abryanz, everyone is treated with the honor they deserve.

Halima alongside her daughter Rachel K


The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards team headed to the airport to welcome their special guest. There were beautiful ladies, and other members of the team, together with Rachel, making her feel how much she had beenĀ  missed in the country. Together with them, was Rachel K’s mother, Halima Namakula, who is also one of the people who gave a strong foundation to music in this country.

You are welcome

Indeed the ASFA 2017 team is blessed to have her host their show. She is a very talented young woman, who has traveled wide, won various awards for her efforts, and made music for her fans. She is good with the music, the media, and also a powerful fashion blogger. I guess we will have a little of all of this showcased on stage during the awards.

It is just hours away to the event, and I have already picked up my dress. Meet you there!

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