Sasha brighton proves Hebert Shonga’s wife doesnt scare her, expresses love on social media

March 18, 2019 at 08:01
Sasha brighton proves Hebert Shonga's wife doesnt scare her, expresses love on social media

A lot has been said about Herbert shonga’s community dick especially being a married man. First He cheated on his wife Dorothy Shonga with a PR of their club causing an earth quake in their relationship.

With Dorothy trying to work on the relationship to salvage what’s left, Sasha Brighton is not backing down on what she terms as her “good samaritan”.  On his birthday, she wrote him a long message bashing all those against their love.

Happy birthday to uuuu Happy birthday to uuuu Happy birthday to uuuu what can I say!!!! Av met u just for a short tym but onerabiiza nebenalabira emyaka munnange Many have called me names because of uu many have abused u too just because of me!!!! In this short tym byonna babituyise byonna babyogedde but tekikumazeemu manyi uv still supported me mungeri yonna josobodde!!! I won’t say much but Nsaba Allah. Akumpangaliize my “Good Samaritan” I know with tym all will be well Insha Allah


Happy birthday once again SH wa SSB
#Gwemanyigange please be happy whenever u get a chance ,” stated Sasha Brighton.


  1. bwambale joash : March 19, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    sasha brighton is lyk a hungry lioness who jst eats every prey it come across even if its satisfied. she doesnt knw wat she wants and she is also nt ashamed of her self being called all sort of names by her dull fans. in addition to dat she is a #malaaya

  2. Edson @Oil city. : April 6, 2019 at 9:03 am

    Plse let her exercise her luck! May be she was so stigmatised & this man came in as her ‘god’.I don’t go negative on her since i know how da world is movin.Kip the water flowing#SSB.

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