“She is different” -Diamond Platnumz Vows to settle down with Current girlfriend in 3 months

December 05, 2018 at 12:56
"She is different" -Diamond Platnumz Vows to settle down with Current girlfriend in 3 months

Since the very public and scandalous seperation from both his baby mamas; Zari because of his infidelity and Hamisa because she planned to bewitch him, Diamond Platnumz has since found love in 22 year old kenyan radio star  Tanasha Oketch Donna.

He says he has never met  one like her before and he is willing to settle down for good this time.

“I have invested in many businesses like a TV station, FM Radio, Digital platform, Record label, Diamond Karanga groundnut business and I need a woman to help me manage them. I need to settle down,” he said.


Diamond and Tanasha make their first public appearance

“Tanasha Oketch has all the qualities that I am looking for in a wife. However, you know most of us tend to look at physical features such as facial attractiveness, body shape and other qualities. After being sure of this, it is when we evaluate the woman’s character. I would like to say that I have keenly subjected Ms Oketch to all those parameters, and I am convinced beyond doubt that she is well-bred and is very beautiful,” Diamond Platnumz concluded.


  1. As a young, hungry for fame. She has to do what it takes do win diamonds favor, we can just wish them well!

  2. I think this is the right gal for Diamond. Zari was too old, and hamisa was abitch.Go man
    We all need love

  3. She is beautiful and humble, I dnt see Diamond changing bus mind about her any time soon.

  4. Wat i no diamond wants a second baby en he saw dat zari haz much money than him.

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