Sheebah Shuts It Down at Omwooyo Concert

December 03, 2018 at 06:16
Sheebah Shuts It Down at Omwooyo Concert

The award for concert of the year is still open, and there are various things we are looking at. The largest crowd, was already taken by Bobi Wine at his own. Sheebah Karungi has grabbed an award that no one saw coming.

She made it rain

She gave a show stopping performance at her Omwooyo Concert, and made people feel like they where watching Rihanna perform.


The show was hot

The props, the dancers and the outfits, everything was perfect, and this lady queen made it rain on the stage.

Fans enjoy Sheebah music

Exciting, fun and engaging. The singer gave it her all, and shared her personality with her fans. Great job!


  1. That was quite a show, indeed she has taken and captured us in a nother Level. I was not there but Looking at her online. Well done Sheebah, surely you have raised the Bana.

  2. I just love her energy

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