Sheila Gashumba showers praises on new Lover , leaves fans in awe .

February 07, 2019 at 12:44
Sheila Gashumba showers praises on new Lover , leaves fans in awe .

Late last year , it was no secret anymore when news came in about the love between NTV the beat presenter Sheila Gashumba and loaded dude only known as God’s plan. The latest we are hearing is that Sheila Gashumba has deeply fallen in new love with a the  dude only identified as Ali aka God’s Plan as they flaunt lavish lifestyles in Dubai.

Indeed last year 2018 was a good year for Sheila Gashumba.  Too bad for Fik Fameica who she dumped because of money issues obviously . she also hosted a successful Ballers’ Party and hopped on to this new moneybag in town  God’s Plan.



Riding in a brand new Range Rover Sport, God’s Plan was the man behind Gashumba’s lavish party life and current vacation in Dubai. He is also the sponsor of the Shs 7- 20 millions the party animal reportedly splashed during a comedy show last year.

In a recent Instagram post , the socialite heaped praises on her new man . she says shes still not sure how her catch mate  convinced her to be out of bed by 9am to go to the gym and goes on to say she   will have to make it  happen for the rest of the year. ‘Anyways, I don’t regret the decision,she says.  Thereafter she adds ‘he really has amazing ideas for me all the time, lucky me.’

May be oneday we shall know the story as u say here


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