Signs that you are not satisfying your woman

January 31, 2018 at 10:52
Signs that you are not satisfying your woman

Signs that you are not satisfying your woman in bed.  Men like to boast of the many sexual adventures the have withstood but the women have a different story much as they may not say it.  But here are a few.


This obvious sign goes unmissed for some reason. While it’s possible she may be feeling unwell, but if she always has a headache or is tired or too sleepy or simply not in the mood when you want to get naughty, that should be a huge warning something is wrong. Sex is a wonderful thing and when one party passes it off because of ‘sleep’ for example, that could be because they do not enjoy having sex with you and they would rather skip.
She shows no response
Women express themselves differently. For example, she may give verbal cues or react physically by pushing or touching you in a certain way. If she does not, she is not enjoying herself. Other physical signs to look out for during sex are panting, arched back, curled toes, touching back etc. If she does not and just lies there, you are not turning her on.

She masturbates more

If she would rather resort to other measures to get an orgasm, it is obvious you are not satisfying her


She gives directions

If you find her pushing your body a certain way or putting your hands somewhere take the cues. She might even let a few words out like ‘faster,’ or ‘do it like this.’ This should be a sign that you’re not giving her pleasure. Good thing is she is trying to show you how you can improve and help her get there. Don’t take it wrongly. What works for one woman does not necessarily work for everyone. Every woman is different. Get to learn her body and pleasure needs then take it from there.


  1. I woman can never be satisfied

  2. What do women want

  3. Maybe the man is not into it

  4. It takes two to make it work

  5. Somehow true

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