The Hustle is real- Bebecool now hawking “silent majority” merchandise

January 11, 2019 at 06:43
The Hustle is real- Bebecool now hawking "silent majority" merchandise

The Hustle is indeed real. Since being thrown off stage with bottles full of urine, Bebecool went into hiding in the US finding ways to remain relevant. He came up with silent majority t-shirts and caps and now he is hawking them to make a few more bucks.

With the amount of money we believe he is making from being the president’s pet,  you would think he would give them out for free.

In a Facebook post, Bebe announced that his products can be found at Fortune Plaza, Wilson Road.


“Original and authentic Silent Majority caps and t-shirts are available now. Get yourself one at 40k and 30k respectively,” he wrote

So for the silent majority, you and now go and pay for your loyalty by buying the products.

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