Things That Tell These Towns Apart From The Rest.

November 14, 2017 at 06:11
Things That Tell These Towns Apart From The Rest.

These towns in Uganda can be told apart from the rest using unique features that are either natural or artificially established. Be it Mbarara, Tororo, Busia or Fort PortL, in a photograph, a video, or an image; you will know.

  1. Mbarara: Known as the land of milk and honey, this district has the major milk producer’s statue as you enter it (Amahembe Gente). This fast growing town in Western Uganda  has the best dairy cows, that make it the largest providers of milk in Uganda. So when you see this statue anywhere, then know it is Mbarara Town.


  2. Busia Town:Located at the far end of Eastern Uganda, this busy town is the entry and exit point for most business men who are dealing in various goods. What is most unique about this town are the boda boda men dressed up in Pink. It is already known that the word Boda boda had it’s origin there. There are various men dressed in pink, waiting on their bicycles to take you wherever you want at a cheap price.


  3. Adjumani Town: Currently home to many NGOs due to the ongoing refugee inflow from South Sudan, Adjumani Town proudly displays its emblem on the main round about, at the center of the town. The statue is that of a cock, with an umbrella like structure above it’s head.


  4. Fort Portal: The Lion that lights up on Christmas day is located right at the Center of Fort Portal. The home to various tourists sites, and the cleanest city in the country. A symbol of strength and kingship, the  Lion stands tall and makes sure that Fort Portal Town lives up to it’s image.

    Fort Portal

  5. Tororo: One of the most beautiful towns with very soothing weather, has a giant rock that is seen from all sides and angles. The Tororo rock cannot be found in any other district, and it creates such nice scenary from any hotel located around it. Many people passing via this district to other destinations are tempted to stop and take  a photograph or two.




  1. Very beautiful features

  2. Mbarara is very cool

  3. The Tororo Hill is a landmark that stands out

  4. Uganda is very beautiful

  5. Busia is a busy place

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