Top 5 “Tycoons” That Are No More. Baddawa?

October 12, 2017 at 11:09
Top 5 "Tycoons" That Are No More. Baddawa?

When we speak of Tycoons, Uganda has had its fair share of those over the years.

These Self styled money bags usually flood the Kampala entertainment scene with money we are not aware of its origin. As is, they disappear like they came.

Today, we are counting them down and reliving these memories.

  1. Mike Ezra 

    Mike Ezra with his dollars

    This One is the Pioneer of this tycoon business in Uganda. Mike most profound moment was when he paraded a heap if dollars way before even 10% of Uganda’s population had seen a dollar. It is said however that these we fake but he never stayed around long enough to explain. He has since disappeared in thin air.

  2. Sue Ochola

    Sue with her Arab parties

    Who can forget the endless Arab parties with this one. Sue made a name for herself in kampala’s most affluent societies for the money she threw around. Who can tell where she is now.

  3. Meddie Sentongo

    Meddie sentongo

    Do you remember when he used to carry around money in a black polythene bag in the Back of his car? We are talking about the Meddie who ate Muzungu’s money with Bad Black but has since disappeared from the scene to date.

  4. Bad Black

    Bad Black

    Also Known as Shanita Namuyimba once a street walker, made her fame when she conned a British Business man Greenhalgh of 11b Uganda Shillings and painted Kampala Green with her new found fortune. She however ended up convicted and came out whiter but has since gone silent. We surely miss her comic antics!

  5. Judith Heard

    Judith heard and husband Alex heard

    Once a mere model got fortunate and married rich South African doctor Alex heard to make her one of the new tycoons of her time. She once paraded a Bentley a birthday gift from her rich Hubby. We hear he has since moved on to another Kenyan model leaving Judith Heard to attend blanket and Wines.

  6. Who can you add to the list?


  1. Money is like grass sometimes it refuses to grow

  2. Life is like that,there are ups and downs

  3. It must be very tough to survive after getting used to money

  4. What happened to all the wealth

  5. I hope they pick up the pieces and get back again

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