Trouble in paradise? Gods plan refuses to meet Sheila’s Dad

February 27, 2019 at 12:41
Trouble in paradise? Gods plan refuses to meet Sheila's Dad

From shredding “haters” on Instagram to being left in their apartment Alone, Sheila Gashumba continues to make news for tabloid fodder.

A source reveals that on Sunday night, Sheilah asked Marcus to visit her dad but he refused. She has been asking him when he is planning to  make it official.

They must have gotten into a argument because he later left Sheilah at the apartment alone and spent the night with his friends at Laparonis, a bar located along Parliamentary avenue.


Friends of the couple claim that Marcus feels a little rushed by her and has not yet returned to the apartment and has decided to take some time off to cool.


  1. She shd know that it’s God’s plan so wht God has nt yet planned won’t happen

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