Uganda Medics Ask for Five Bed roomed Quarters

October 12, 2017 at 18:46
Uganda Medics Ask for Five Bed roomed Quarters

The medical team in the country has threatened a strike from 10th of October if the country does not take into consideration, their pleas. They want solutions, and want it quick.

One of the major things they cited out during their meeting at Mulago National Referral Hospital was a salary review. If the members of parliament can receive big salaries, then why not the people who treat the sick and promote health in this country?

Medics at work


This is not the first time the health team is striking, and previously it has also been about salaries and poor work conditions.This time, they have given the government a 30 days notice for their strike and have threatened to officially lay down their tools in November

Currently, the largest amount received by a medic is (senior consultant or professor) Shs 3.4 million and allowances  Shs 477, 500 as allowances. An intern or junior medical officer receives Shs 960,000.


Among other issues discussed, the doctors suggested that senior consultant’s earnings be increased to 45.2 million Uganda shillings and Junior ones 6.5 million. On top of that, they also demanded that their working conditions should be improved, and they should be provided with accommodation and staff quarters, with a help servant for each.

The senior consultants demanded for a five bed roomed staff quarter with three domestic servants.

Well, at least they have made their demands known. Now it is up to the government to react and act as requested.


  1. Guys be humble how many people live in 5 bedroom house in Uganda

  2. Salary is fine but housing, is too much

  3. Museveni cant allow for that,sorry guys

  4. Instead of asking for more equipment?

  5. This profession is more of a call in

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