University principal speaks out on Abenakyo’s controversial degree.

February 11, 2019 at 03:26
University principal speaks out on Abenakyo's controversial  degree.

Whoever said beauty isn’t everything was clearly not a very good looking person because for miss world Africa, a lot of things can be sweet under the rug.

Many of her former classmates and general public have contested her degree saying she shouldn’t have graduated because she didn’t qualify.


Abenakyo had a retake in Financial Management but was unable to retake it with her colleagues because of her involvement in the Miss Uganda beauty contest which consumed much of her time, making her unable to retake her examination.

Prof. Wasawa Balunywa, the Makerere Business School Principal  said “Her degree was given out of distress Otherwis we would have a problem as the country would be embarrassed.”

Balunywa also added that it would have been worse if the beauty queen was found to be wanting in academics and if she had not graduated.

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