Want to know what cost 5M for Sheila’s Valentine gift?

February 21, 2019 at 13:38
Want to know what cost 5M for Sheila's Valentine gift?

The a video on Abryanz Collection page went viral showing Sheilah Gashumba counting up stacks of money to pay up for a gift for her Valentine.

If it were a house or car, we would have understood but the gift seemed to be some two Kaveeras of clothes.  Many couldn’t help but wonder if the clothes were what Jesus himself wore in his time on earth.

The Abryanz store came out to provide almost of what she bought and we are shook.


*Original Louis Vuitton Men’s Purse – 1,260,000ugx
*Checkered blazer – 720,000ugx
*Chino pants – 350,000ugx
*Shoes – 850,000ugx

If you are jealous of that,While choosing your bae, choose wisely.

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