Watch “Champion” By Chameleone Video Here

March 07, 2018 at 06:40
Watch "Champion" By Chameleone Video Here

If you thought that only Knedrick Lamaar and Kanye West can pull off a movie intro to their music videos, think again. We have one artist in our country who has done it. Jose Chameleone has shared a video for his song, “Champion” with us and it is technical.

The video and song, which is a production of Leone Island Music, has a computerized and robotic beginning. This puts you in the mood to watch one of those action movies with high-tech robots. Flying air crafts all round, that immediately brings to you a Wakanda feeling. Out of the ruins, and fires in the street, is Jose Chameleone himself, walking towards the screen. It is then, when the music starts.

The song describes the music champion,that Chameleone is, and the video depicts his survival from a fire that consumed the entire city. This Champion then walks into a club, with two bodyguards by his side, to meet the ladies and splash some cash. Chameleone is the musical king, and boss. Chameleone then enters an air craft, in a white outfit. The action part is covered Before . I spoil this for you, here is “Champion” by Jose Chameleone for you.


Great Video and a must watch.

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