“We have to reconcile wether he wants it or not” fille to kats

February 07, 2019 at 12:18
"We have to reconcile wether he wants it or not" fille to kats

Since singer fille and Mc Kat’s got together more than 3 years ago,  we have had a front seat to their relationship including the various proposals,  pregnancy and break ups.

Towards the end of Last year the couple announced that they had officially broken up and fille had started managing her own career. Kats on the other hand has already had a new relationship, moved in, showed up on social and broken up in the space of 1month.

Fille is now having a change of heart and willing to have peace talks and come to an understanding.


“I respect MC Kats; he is the father of my kid. He is the person who got me from the village when no one else believed in me. We can be able to sit in one room and solve our misunderstandings. I and MC Kats have really hustled to build ourselves. Am a genuine person. The truth is, we have to reconcile whether he likes or not, Mc Kats will forever be my best friend,” Fille said.


  1. That nice coz he is the one who show you to the world they says when relationship fail ,,,friendships continued am happy for you

  2. CHELSEA UMUTONI : February 11, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    yo’ xo patient chic i noe one day he will check his past and c that u a the woman 4 him!BRAVO

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