Weasel flees the Never land Mansion

February 12, 2018 at 10:19
Weasel flees the Never land Mansion

Weasel has moved out of the Goodlyfe’s home, Neverland in Makindye following the demise of singer Mowzey Radio.

The remaining goodlyf member has currently vacated Neverland as he tries to cope up with life without his friend.

He has been living with Radio at Neverland for many years.

Not too long ago,  their former manager, Jeff Kiwa claimed part ownership of the house. He was thrown of the house following a disagreement with the boys.

Currently, the house has no occupants. And security has been deployed at the gates.




  1. take heart man

  2. sad

  3. pole sana bro

  4. RIP Radio

  5. poleni kwa msiba

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