“What we have is real, he will wife me” Tanasha speaks of her relationship with Diamond

December 19, 2018 at 12:41
"What we have is real,  he will wife me" Tanasha speaks of her relationship with Diamond

Diamond Platnumz new girlfriend a Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha have been forced to defend their relationship from the people on the interwebs after they questioned if the relationship is real or just a publicity stunt. They even went ahead to remind her of his past with the several girlfriends and children he has.

Tanasha responded;


“Irrespective of what you say, he is going to wife me. They don’t understand what we have, they don’t know that we didn’t plan this, only God knows why he brought us together.”

But with all this pressure, the two have now decided to pull down their pics and clips from their respective social media accounts because of the heat.

“Just to make things clear, D and I came to a mutual understanding that it may be too soon to be public with our relationship on social media right now. So, we have decided to keep our relationship private for the moment until we feel like going public again. May God bless you all.”

This girl is confident in her love what do you think?


  1. She is too much!

  2. How old is the relationship again?

  3. Diamond will sort her, for now she can rant for all she can.

  4. Tanasha will manage haters…
    She has you, the gal is here to stay!

  5. Its their life

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