The Worst Atrocities Committed in Uganda (RIP)

October 12, 2017 at 18:54
The Worst Atrocities Committed in Uganda (RIP)

  1. Lords Resistance Army WAR: When you meet a person from Northern Uganda, one of the most sensitive topics that you should avoid is the Civil War. I have heard many comment whenever people say they want a war to fight the current presidency in the country. Most of them usually say; “You people do not know what war is”

The Lords Resistance Army, a rebel group attacked Acholi land for more than 20 years, destroying property, lives, peace and hope. Women were raped, children killed, and some made to join the war. The war may be done, but the effect is still seen on many, both emotionally and physically.

Rebel group

2. THE TWIN BOMBING: July 11th 2010 was the day that the people of Uganda first experienced the magnitude of terrorism. It was the world cup final, one of the most watched football matches across, and was between Spain and Holland. Many people gathered to cheer up the winner, with family and friends at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, an Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala. There were giant screens at the front and the soccer fans were to be entertained by different artistes too. Little did they know that three bombs were about to go off.


What transpired that night, referred to as the July 2010 Twin bombing left the entire country in shock, as it took the lives 79 people. Our friends, relatives, spouses and companions. There were very many testimonies, and this phenomenon has left the country awake. The anti-terrorism unit has been set up, and various check points created at entrances to any gatherings. Caution is being taken at every place to avoid a repeat of any of these occurrences.

Ethiopian Village

3. KIBWETERE KILLINGS:Imagine dying for believing in someone. For trust in  your leaders. Thousands still gather at Kanungu to remember those that died in the tragedy in 2000. Many say that Kibwetere was a cult leader, of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God cult. He invited his followers to church, locked it and set it ablaze, leading to death of over 1000 people.

The people who perished in that fire also included young and very innocent children. It is said that this man varnished shortly after the house was set on fire, and the police is still hunting for him in every place. This taught people to always be careful what the believe in.


4.BUDDO FIRE: Imagine you are home, your children safe and sound at school, and you receive a phone call that the school has experienced a fire? At around 22oo hours, a fire caught a dormitory at Buddo primary School, and claimed the lives of about 18 children and one adult.  However, many people say that the death toll could have been higher. This has prompted various schools to be very cautious especially with electrical appliances around dormitories.

Buddo Fire


  1. This is still sadddening

  2. God take control of Uganda

  3. Those rebels have caused so much pain,one day they will pay

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