Zari blasts trolls who claim she is not taking care of her Dad

November 07, 2018 at 14:59
Zari blasts trolls who claim she is not taking care of her Dad

Zari the bosslady was the topic of discussion  when she posted photos of her in the Farm carrying a basket of sweet potatoes on her head.

She went on to say;


“Told my dad, he should let me take over this place, he replied by saying he doesn’t think I’d trade my city life for a farm.”

That pic soon got her problems with the background houses which some of the commenters were concluding as her dad’s house which needs a facelift.

“That sketchy structure doesn’t look like a house, build one,” One commented.

“Don’t make your father live in a place unfit for even wild animals, while you’re living in a paradise,” Another added.

“Post us your dad’s house with that background you should build a beautiful house for your father…if not a big shame on your you, Bosslady”

This particular comment forced Zari to respond.

“@owachgiurichard how about you help build him one since he seems not to have one just because it wasn’t posted. One section of a photo and you think you’ve seen the whole farm. Smh.”


  1. Some fans bamanyila

  2. Zari is not here for bullshit

  3. Savage

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