Ziza Bafana Blessed With a Baby Boy

December 06, 2017 at 12:01
Ziza Bafana Blessed With a Baby Boy

More blessings are still pouring this December. We should not close up the list of 2017 Babies yet. Richard Kasendwa, aka Ziza Bafana has just been Blessed with a Baby Boy. On top of the wonderful gift he has in music, God has also given him this beautiful family.

The new baby, called Aiden Kasendwa is welcome into a family with two other siblings; Belton and Jontana. This makes Ziza Bafana a proud father of three amazing children. From what we know, the mother of this lovely new born is called Iryn, and that she is a new wife. From our sources, last year, the famous musician  admitted to having two baby mamas and  loving them both equally.

None of this matters, because we can tell that he is extremely happy, because he posted on his Social Media;


“Just hours old is our new soljah.. Can’t stop thanking the Lord for this blessing. We have all the basics for a great 2018. Abe it all thank you Iryn for bringing the Angel to life.”

Ziza Bafana, is one of the loved luga-dancehall artists of the country, He has done songs such as Batutunze, Akasigiri, Bundu, Cash Cash and many others. Some say this young man has a music demon in him, because of the number of hits he always and has the ability to release at ago.

He now joins the proud 2017 fathers like Bebe Cool, Aziz Azion, Calvin the entertainer, Emma and many others. Congratulations to Ziza Bafana and his lovely wife, and welcome Aiden into this world.


  1. Congratulations

  2. This is very good news

  3. Be blessed man

  4. Long life Ziza and blessings to the child

  5. God is good

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