Ugliest Man In Africa Welcomes Baby No.8 (Photos+Video)

June 23, 2015 at 07:44


Who told you that ugly people cannot find love? Who lied to you? Oh boy you are so wrong. And I am about to shock you with this news.

The ugliest man in the continent is the latest daddy around!

Uganda’s Ssebabi, who was crowned the ugliest man in East Africa and beyond, has sired his eighth child with his second wife who he married in a colourful ceremony in 2013.



Ssebabi emerged as the ugliest man Uganda has ever seen and was crowned over the same. He then went on to venture into music after he realized people were always fascinated at seeing him.

He says that he is so happy to become a father again and says that he married his second wife after separating with his first wife who he says he caught sleeping with another man.

He says she loved him because of his money but his second wife is contented with how he looks.

Here is the video of one of his songs:


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