What Magic Is Avril Using?

March 09, 2015 at 07:56

For the third week in a row, Avril and Ommy Dimpoz, “Hello Baby” continues to be a fans favorite, the song that had erstwhile received criticism from a section of the fans as being sonorous and annoyingly repetitive. The song has held on, like a fly that refuses to be thwarted by lame attempts to nail it with a whisk!  Kenyans and East Africans love the song, that ensures its continued airplay. Close at heel but  still stagnating for the third week is a song by H_art the band, Nikikutazama. 

 Here is how your favorite songs have fared the past week:


HOT SONG OF THE WEEKDandia feat. Frasha, Rabbit – Kristoff 

1. Hello Baby feat. Ommy Dimpoz – Avril 
2. Nikikutazama – H_art The Band
3. Sura Yako – Sauti Sol 
4. Weka Weka– P unit
5. Dandia feat. Frasha, Rabbit – Kristoff 

6.Sisikii – Jux
7. Definition – Rymaholic MVI
8. One Time – K.O

9. Huu Mwaka– Jaguar
10. Bad Belle – M.I Abaga



HOT SONG OF THE WEEKNikuskize – Webi

1. Tam Tam (Willy Paul feat. Size 8) – Size 8
2. Tosheka – MOG
3. Barua– Bahati
4. Visa – Bahati
5.I am Blessed – Hopekid
6. Mwanake feat. Kaberere – Benachi
7. Kwa Vile – Willy Paul
8. Pakacha – DK Kwenye Beat
9. Maa Leji– L-Jay Maasai
10. Nikuskize – Webi 


1. Bobby Slic
2. Cool Brizi
3. Teferah
4. Cincy Empire
5. Dorcas Munyaka

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