Bonoko Cancels His Wedding After Catching His Fiance Cheating!

Bonoko. Not a name I can say I have heard in the recent past and it’s sad that when he pops up in my radar it’s because of something as sad as this. See, thing is, Bonoko has had to call off his impoending wedding after he caught his fiance cheating on him.


Word has it that Bonoko found out that his lady love had been cheating way before he caught her courtesy of his friends whom he says had been telling him they had seen her with an older gentleman but he was too drunk inlove to see the truth.

It took a rather sad turn of events for his eyes to finally open up to the truth and that was when he decided to call off the relationship.
According to sources at Ghetto radio, lad found his fiance canoodling with the older gentleman in a popular night club. When he saw her indiscretions with his own eyes, he called off the impending nuptials.

As if that isn’t bad enough, he says in retrospect, he should have suspected something as the lass would come home and go straight to the bathroom to take a shower:

“Alikuwa ancome home late na immediately anarush tu kwa bafu kuoga ni kama anafanya kazi kwa mjengo.”

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