Bonoko Deh:From a street urchin to being the voice of the youth

March 14, 2012 at 13:50

“Huyo sio mwizi. Anauza nyama pare gara…”, he said this to a journalist while sniffing on some glue after police had killed a youth along the Ngara streets. Little did he know that these words in broken English would bring him fame beyond imagination and even take him out the streets.

James Maina Kimani or ‘Bonoko Deh’ as he is popularly known by his Ghetto Radio fans is now a celebrated radio presenter along Mbusii deh. He owes all his success to Mbusii, whom unlike every other music personality, chose to give him credit. Bonoko’s voice has been used by many DJs and programmes to produce funny clips and mixes, yet he has never received any money for it.Mbusii and Bonoko

Ghetto Radio also did a very good thing to hire him as a co-presenter. What better way to reach the youths who are sunken so deep into drugs, than using someone that has been there and done that. It’s understandable. As a street boy, he had to do what he had to do to get by, and so he did. Now, he is all refreshed and new akichapa kazi.

Today, most lost youths seek advice from Bonoko Deh about drug abuse, and he gives them reality straight up, while being hilarious at the same time.

Guess you never know how your life will turn out to be in the future. You might die of gonorrhea or end up being the owner of a company worth millions of shillings… who knows? Bonoko didn’t!

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