EXPOSED! Huddah Monroe Is An Expensive Prostitute Compared To Her Nemesis, Vera Sidika. Negotiation To Bed Her Starts From 920k (EVIDENCE)

So all these pretty ladies who like to be labelled the well decorated word ‘socialites’ are actually expensive call girls? You can now call them that derogatory word ‘prostitute’ without fear because we have evidence to show they are indeed hookers.

Forget the conventional meaning of a socialite as defined by most dictionaries, the urban description (No-talent, s#x video making tramps)of the word is the most applicable and suited for our Kenyan girls who call themselves ‘socialites’.

The like of Huddah and Vera don’t have any visible talents other than their clandestine nocturnal activities that have probably ferried them to their millions.

After unmasking Vera, the seeker of truth went on a mission to strip Huddah to bring out the wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

As usual, money was the bait he used to lure the self-style socialite into his trap. Unlike Vera, Huddah was a bit cautious while trying to validate whether her admirer was genuine or just a penniless member of Team Mafisi trying his luck to find a free or pocket-friendly ride.

If you intent to take Huddah to your bed, better be prepared to part way with $ 10,000 (Kes 920,000) because that’s the amount that makes her tick.

Her admirer had initially offered to pay her $ 20,000 (1.8 million) but Huddah demanded a down payment first before she could fly anywhere to go sell her ‘cookie’.


Unlike Vera who demanded other expensive accessories before she could make her way to the gulf state to spread her legs, Huddah didn’t have labyrinthine conditions. Not really, she preferred to discuss business on a more secure platform and not her Instagram handle; huddahthebosschick which she was using while negotiating ‘basics’ with her client.



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