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Chocho Mucho Has Made Us Popular — Gifty And Rakia

Two beautiful young ladies, Gifty Amoako and Rakia Musah, had the honor of drawing the attention of Ghanaians to Highlife musician, Bless’ song, Chocho Mucho.

At the time of sharing a video of themselves singing the song, they had no idea what impact

it would have on the track or on them.

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Not only did they bring the song to the attention of the larger music loving public, but now

they have become quite popular, getting offers to promote other artistes songs.

Revealing how they came across the song however, the beautiful ladies according to a report

by showbiz said they chanced on the song on YouTube and they liked it so they decided to do

a video singing the song which they uploaded on YouTube and surprisingly, it became a hit.

“In less than a one week, we had over 20,000 views on YouTube and as we talk now, we have over 500,000 views indicating that people liked the video we did,” they said.

Before they did the video, Chocho Mucho had however been released nearly two years ago

and had just a few views on YouTube and was not getting much airplay but now the story is different.


Chocho Mucho now has 1.8 million views while the song is getting a lot of airplay like a newly

released song and the ladies said Bless had expressed his appreciation to them.

“In fact, Bless actually contacted us and said we have made the song popular. Bless told us the song has been around for close to two years but after our video, everyone now loves the song,” Rakia said.

Asked whether they had met Bless in person, the ladies said they met him last week. According to Gifty, it was an honour to finally meet Bless and thank him for making them very popular with his song.

“We are getting a lot of gigs from underground artistes to do more of such videos. We have not less than 20 underground artistes requiring our services to do videos for them,” they said.

On how they met, Gifty and Rakia said they had been friends for 11 years after meeting at a movie audition.

The two, who are currently caterers, said they hadn’t given up on their acting dreams.

“ We haven’t given up on our acting careers, we are working underground to become popular actresses very soon,” they added.

Watch video below:

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