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E.L Finally Reveals Why He Is Still Single 

Rapper E.L, despite his fame, handsomeness, money and status is still single and many have been wondering why.

Speaking on why such a fine gentleman like himself is still single, E.L mentioned that it’s

because he still hasn’t found the one girl meant for him.

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According to the “Lalafalama” rapper, his would-be girlfriend and perhaps wife must or should be able to tolerate him and who he in return must be able to tolerate.

Since he has still not found any such girl, he still remains single.

While he will not divulge how long he has been single, the rapper told Andy Dosty in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that he is currently single because “for real I not find one.”

“I haven’t found anybody who can tolerate me and who I can tolerate equally,” he expatiated.

E.L said currently, “I don’t want to waste anybody’s time. At this point in my life, it gets to a stage where you want to stop play, you want to settle down with somebody [who is] serious. That’s the point I’m at right now.”


“I just want to find somebody who I 100% know that I want to invest my time, energy, effort, resource, money, whatever into and I haven’t found that yet and when I do, I’m going to make that move,” he added.

E.L told Andy Dosty that even though his parents do not pressure him to settle down, “if I find somebody I can build [his future] with, definitely we will make it happen.”

He was, however, quick to dispel rumors that he was in an affair with television personality, Berla Mundi.

He said “No I wasn’t,” explaining that “Ghanaians like to fantasize…They say we look good together,” but there was nothing going on between them.

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