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I Can’t Stop Smoking ‘Weed’ – Kwadee Tells Bola Ray

Rapper, Okomfour Kwadee has revealed how difficult it will be for him to try and go even a week without smoking marijuana.

About six years ago, it was reported that Okomfour Kwadee was mentally ill as a result of excessive intake of cannabis.

Just when he tried to bounce back into the music industry with ‘Fiifii’ and ‘Di Kan’ featuring

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Sarkodie his condition aggravated and was taken to the rehabilitation centre for treatment.

After spending some time at the rehab center, Kwadee has announced his comeback into the music scenes.


But to put strategic measures in place so that the seasoned rapper don’t get sick mentally for

the third time, business mogul Bola Ray in a recent interview with Okomfour Kwadee

challenged him to go off smoking for a week for a whopping reward.

“Kwadee can you put a stop to it? Can you say as an icon you can go without weed for one week? Can I throw that challenge to you that From S-Concert…from Friday to the next Friday you will stay off weed and I will show you something?,” Bola Ray inquired from the rapper during an interview.

But in a subtle response, Okomfour Kwadee said he would be found on another tree even

if he stops smoking weed.

This presupposes that no man born of a woman can lure Okomfour

Kwadee to stop smoking perhaps only God can save him.

Watch interview below;

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