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Lifestyle: 10 Signs Your Relationship Has What It Takes To Last Forever

There’s a saying that there is nothing like a perfect relationship. Every relationship, no matter how juicy it may look outside has its own ups and downs.

Relationships can be tough and go through all kinds of different changes, from life changes to stressful changes.

Some couples have a bond that is unbreakable and seem to be perfect together but how you handle your relationship and all the things that life throws at you can tell you how well your relationship will last.

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Below are some reassuring signs that your relationship has what it takes to last forever and can stand the test of time;

1. You trust each other

A relationship without trust is not strong. If the both of you trust each other then the relationship is certain to be strong.

Couples who trust each other have each other’s back and do not keep secrets. They behave in ways that better each other and the relationship.

Trust is very essential in a relationship.

2. Strong Communication

Communication is very vital in maintaining a relationship. No relationship can happen without communication.

When communication begins to break down, that’s where the relationship begins to break down as well.

Couples must be able to talk about their emotions, the things that bother them and even the good things.

3. You are best friends

A good and strong relationship starts with friendship and couples that last long are usually best friends.

Respect each other

Respect is reciprocal and it is another key to a blossoming relationship. Men really have an issue with disrespect so you must know his boundaries and his dislikes. You must respect it.

Women also love to be respected and appreciated and feel frustrated when disrespected. Learn more each other and respect boundaries.


4. Solve issues in a matured way

There is no relationship without arguments and you must learn to solve issues in a matured way.

Don’t snap out of anger and make hasty decisions. If you want your relationship to last forever, them solve arguments in a matured way.

Strong communication is key to a relationship that lasts forever.

5. You make each other happy

Staying with those that make you happy is what everyone needs in life. There are many ways of making each other happy in a relationship.

6. You support each other

You have to be supportive of each other goals and aspirations. When one partner is successful in a business or any other venture, you must be happy for them.

To make a relationship last forever, you must be happy for each others successes.

7. You accept each other’s past

Every individual has a past but it shouldn’t affect the present or future. Nobody is perfect in this world and one must learn to get over the past.

It doesn’t matter how many people you have dated or been with, dwell in the present for a better future.

8. Being Intimate

Intimacy is not all about sexual encounters but both parties must be satisfied when it takes place. Physical intimacy between couples should make them feel good, desired and loved.

It can be a kiss, snuggling on the couch or holding hands. Having mutual physical intimacy is a great way to know your relationship is on track to last forever.

9. You share common goals

You want to start a family together, you want to own a house, you want to live somewhere on the coast: these are common goals. Even if you don’t have the same goals, the goals that you do have are complementary.

10. When you have a common goal, your relationship will stay strong.

Having a healthy relationship is something to be proud of. It is normal to fight, get frustrated and feel like throwing in the towel.

Nothing that is worth it is easy. It takes work but it will always be beneficial in the end.

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Peace Agyare

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