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Majid Michel reportedly flies out of the country to undergo Throat Surgery

Actor turned Preacher, Majid Michel is out of the country. Moreover, he’s out of the country for throat surgery.

Majid revealed in an interview last year that two years ago, he noticed a breakage in his voice.

“Over two years ago, I was travelling and then suddenly my voice started breaking and it’s been like this for over two years now”

Also, he added that he went to the hospital for a checkup. However, they told him there was absolutely nothing wrong with his throat.

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“I don’t know what is wrong with my voice. I have checked at Korle-bu and 37 Military hospitals and they all said there is nothing wrong with my voice. They have checked my throat and everything is perfect”

He, however, stated that he’s able to project his voice when given a microphone.

“It’s funny if I have a microphone with speakers it comes and if am giving a public talk or giving a public speech but speaking to you like this or on the telephone, it is worse. You won’t hear me when you call me on phone so you have to text”

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