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DJ Mensah Breaks Silence On His Video With Sarkodie

Last week, the Untouchable DJ Mensah was highly touched on social media following the release of the video for his latest single ‘Say I Do.’

The visuals for this song got many of his followers asking him why he didn’t feature dark skinned ladies.

models used in the video

But the Untouchable has finally replied his critics.

In a reply to a fan on his Instagram, Dj Mensah referred them to go and watch his video for “Dancefloor.”

According to him, he featured over 25 dark skinned ladies in that video which features Bisa Kdei. But he never heard a single word from his critics asking why he didn’t feature light skinned ladies.

@mimmy.y lol i used over 25 dark skinned girls in my video with Bisa didnt hear one word from yall asking where the light skinned girls are smh

The video for “Dancefloor” which features Bisa Kdei was released earlier this year. He further stated that he couldn’t fathom why people can be too quick to judge.

He wrote; “I will always go in for the African Lady that’s why I featured close to 30 of them in a single video. The way people can judge it’s even funny. What if I tell you dark-skinned models I wanted to use in the video charged me $20,000 for appearance hahaha.”

The release of this video has caused some stir on social media with some ladies, obviously dark skinned feeling left out.

Meanwhile, some musicians see no reason to why DJ Mensah should necessarily feature dark skinned ladies in his video.

Ghanaian based Nigerian singer, Klenzen has actually commended DJ Mensah and Sarkodie over this video. According to him, this is one of the best videos from Dj Mensah.

Watch video for ‘Say I Do below;

Social Media ‘Attacks’ Sarkodie, DJ Mensah Over ‘Say I Do’ Video

Social media users have descended on the Untouchable DJ Mensah and Sarkodie over their latest video for ‘Say I Do’.

The video, which was released a couple of days ago has received lukewarm comments from a section of women.

To these women, they couldn’t fathom why DJ Mensah had to use only light skinned ladies to play full concept of the video.

Meanwhile, there are also the ever beautiful dark skinned ladies who could have been involved.

They therefore believe that the video is an insult to them and hence their attack on the artistes.

Meanwhile, others also believe the song “Say I Do” seems to be a love song. Hence, they could have come up with a beautiful traditional wedding concept to project the beauty of our culture. But as it stands, that was not the case.

A report on stated that DJ Mensah, when he was reached out on the matter, said that there is nothing he can say for now. But until then, the director which is Yaw Skyface is best to answer such questions.

Despite concerns for the video, its views keep growing each and every single day.

Sarkodie on “Say I Do” talks about him falling in love with this beautiful lady he met, and why he will marry her anytime soon.

The concept alone is another reason why we think he should have featured a dark skinned woman to play a role in it.

Kindly watch video below;