All grown up! DJ Soxxy shares adorable photos of his children spending time together

March 24, 2017 at 10:42
DJ Soxxy and his family

It has been a while since we heard from Jackson Kamau aka DJ Soxxy…but thanks to his social media, we can keep up with the fella and is family.

So recently I decided to go through his Instagram hoping to bump into something interesting and as usual, of course I did. Do you remember the last time you saw his kids? Well,now they are grown and his last born, Ethan, is now learning how to walk and he is slowly taking after his mother.

DJ Soxxy's kids hanging out with their auntie

DJ Soxxy’s kids hanging out with their auntie

His first born, Eliana, a lovely young lady has alrealdy joined preschool but when she is home the little girl helps her parents watch over her small brother who will soon be turning 1 year.

Anyway, the photo i managed to get Eliana is seen cuddling up with Ethan and if I am not wrong, the two were playing before the photo was captured by their mum or day. Well, if you haven’t seen how big they have grown, then checkout their adorable photo below:

DJ Soxxy's kids hanging out

DJ Soxxy’s kids hanging out


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