It’s Over! Drama for Prezzo after ex-fiancé leaks his intimate conversations with side-chicks

this morning the lass is seen warning her ex to stop bugging her before gets a restraining order that will block him from contacting her or getting near her.
Well, it all started on Sunday 4 December when reality TV star Michelle Yola announced that she was single and ready to mingle. For a minute this seemed like the old publicity stunts pulled just to give them some publicity.
However, things just got real after the lass exposed her ex-boyfriend, Prezzo, who has been cheating on her even after they got engaged.
She wrote
In a series of posts shared on her gram, Miss Yola comes out clean about how she has been confronting different ladies urging them to leave her man. But, according to her she has now realized that the problem is with Prezzo.
Apparently the guy forces himself on other women and was even willing to fly one of his many girlfriends to Dubai just for a good time away from his fiancé.
The screenshots shared by Michelle Yola show Prezzo begging the other woman to accompany him to Dubai where he will be performing this coming Saturday. The guy even promises the lady all his attention since his fiancé will not be around.
The drama between the two gets real after she shared a screenshot of Prezzo begging her to come back and give him another chance… well, let us watch and see what happens next.

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