¨Diamond will break up with Tanasha and move on to another one¨ Popular Bongo actor assures

Popular Tanzanian actor, Mwijaku has once more attacked bongo icon, Diamond Platnumz, claiming he will not marry Tanasha, anytime soon.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, the known controversial actor assured masses that Diamond marrying Tanasha would be a miracle.

He will definitely break up with Tanasha and another woman will come along. He will not marry his current girlfriend or even the one who comes after that and if he does, it will be a miracle.

Diamond will not marry his current girlfriend or even the one who comes after that – Mwijaku affirms

First, Diamond is young and second, he is not ready to settle down in marriage yet.

According to the actor and radio personality, Diamond will leave Tanasha and hop onto another woman…and on and on and on.., until he is content to settle.

This one will leave and there will come another woman, the other woman will also leave and another will follow suit.

Many question Diamond´s intention for baby mama, Tanasha

Mwijaku attested it all to the fact that it clocks more than a year now since Diamond and Tanasha´s wedding plans were on, but nothing has happened ever since.

Further stating that there is nothing wrong with the singer´s trends because it is his time to enjoy life´s abundance.

It is not a sin, he is still a young man and needs to enjoy his life.

Bongo actor, Mwijaku

The bongo actor gave Diamond a minimum of 5 years before he settles on a wife.



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