¨Don´t test God!¨ A fed up Tedd Josiah issues stern warning to Jalang´o and his boys

Tedd Josiah is sick and tired of male celebrities always making headlines for all sorts of wrong reasons and numerous cheating scandals.

Having lost his beloved wife, Regina Katar just as their family tree was blooming, Tedd is one man who does not understand how a man can walk out of his home, go after another woman, leaving his wife back home.

That makes zero sense to him. Zero! And if anything, he is irritated and disappointed with Kenyan men.

Kenyan producer, Tedd Josiah

In his recent ugly rant online, the thriving businessman brutally questioned:

You’re a CELEBRITY meaning you are CELEBRATED…. for what? For deeming women? For drinking yourself stupid? For all the drugs you can consume? Who what????

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Thereafter censuring men who think, they have it all in their power to ´misuse, hurt and abuse´ women because their pockets are deep, that their time is coming.

Now brothers when you become predators attacking vulnerable women with your little money just because you know they need it and you can use your cash to hurt, misuse and abuse them know this.

Father of one, Tedd Josiah

Tedd cautioned men on the trivial effects their wealth, ego and short-lived satisfactions, would eventually cause upon them.

Well, probably no man has the capacity to go after these men – because with money, they can buy anything – except one being, God.

Veteran music producer, Tedd Josiah

The very same money and status they are misusing to hurt other people, would all be reduced to nothing and ´Karma´ would take over.

God can and will take that money you are using as a tool to hurt other people. He can and will take that celebrity status you are using to hurt other people. Also, he can and will bring you to your “road to Damascus” and trust me like Saul you will become Paul.


DONT TEST GOD just because you are a “Celeb” DONT!

Veteran music producer, Tedd Josiah

And to parents, he emphasized the need for daughters to grow up to cherish, find and love better men, who can just treat them like they deserve – a Queen. Nothing less!

Let’s raise our daughters to know better men and know men can be better than this……

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This is not his first rant, not even his second, but lemme just be honest, this man is fed up with this caliber of men who cannot afford the least bit of respect to their women.

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