¨Forget the past!¨ Ali Kiba publicly defends alleged secret affair with Diva The Boss

Ali Kiba has come out in defense of his alleged side chick, Diva from trolls and criticisms of the masses.

Tuesday, 14th April 2020, Kings Music Records´ two signees, Cheed and Killy exited in what they termed a time well spent and an opportunity for new ventures.

Masses were then quick to pin the exit on Tanzanian media personality, Diva who could not handle the pressure, instead exposing her alleged secret affair with King Kiba.

Tanzanian media personality, Diva

She seemingly got tired of hiding the affair, later on opting out of the married man´s life in December 2019.

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Now, Kiba has come out to defend the lass, asking masses to stop accusing Diva falsely, instead labeling her ´a selfless and kind-hearted´ woman.

Adding that, he held not grudges against her for acting like she did.

Mnamjua Diva jinsi alivyo anapenda kuapia kwa watu, lakini pia kila mtu anamfanya ajisikie comfrotable na mimi alinifanya nikajisikia comfortable sana.

Tanzanian socialite, Diva thee Bawse

Kiba however trashed reports that he was having an affair with the Clouds FM presenter, clarifying that they are but bosom friends.

Ila kwenye suala la mapenzi sijawahi kuwa naye. Ingawa alishawai kuwa rafiki yangu wa karibu sana.

The Tanzanian singer-songwriter could not insist enough, that Diva needed her space and it was time people moved on to other things.

Diva ni mtu mzuri sana na nawaomba watu wayaache hayo mambo yalivyo na hivi vitu ambavyo vimetokea waviache vilivyo. Pia watu waache kum-criticize kwa hayo yaliyotokea.

Kings Music Records President, Ali Kiba

This comes barely weeks after the Bongo superstar dissed the 31-year old lass on Instagram for badly exposing him, labeling her a´wicked witch´.

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Following the ex-lover´s bitter fallout, Diva has now reportedly moved on with one of the recent ex-signees of Kiba´s music label.

Kiba´s alleged side chick, Diva thee Bawse


Mid-April, Cheed and Killy took to their Instagram pages to announce their termination of contract from Kiba´s record label, thanking him for his unconditional love and support over the years.

Ali Kiba with his two ex-signees, Cheed (left) and Killy (right)

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Surprisingly, Kiba did not take any of it to heart, giving the two artistes his blessings and wishing them well in their endeavors.

Killy and Cheed later joined ex-WCB artist, Harmonize in his Konde Gang label.

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