¨Gangster points zake zilikuwa zimexceed limit¨ Nadia Mukami narrates her worst breakup experience

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami has opened up on her worst break up that saw her twinning gifts with another lady.

In a random Q&A session with fans online, her challenge for the day was that people speak up about their worst break ups, but she starts.

So apparently, Nadia´s worst split was when her guy bought her a gift and bought the exact same gift for another lady.

He bought me a gift and bought another lady the same exact gift.


It was so embarrassing for her to realize this when she flaunted her gift on social media and her ´co-wife´ posted the same thing and at the same damn time.

And that is how it all ended! Nadia immediately lost interest. She however wonders how guys can cheat so blatantly and not even hide.

And we both shared at same times on social media na hivyo ndio relationship iliisha. That´s the day I totally lost interest. Gangster points zake zilikuwa zimexceed limit????????.

However, her consolation is:

But si ni life.

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