¨How I relate with God is personal¨ Kush Tracey bashes trolls over her ´wobbly´ music career

Secular-turned-gospel artiste, Kush Tracey has been on the receiving end of trolls following her decision to switch.

However, her switch, nor her wobbly decisions have been warmly received by Kenyans over what many term as ´confusion´.

Her switch came after her breakup with popular rapper, Timmy T Dat. Unfortunately though, unlike the likes of Size 8 and Wahu, her gospel music has received very low viewership on You Tube.


Speaking to media personality, Tamima, Kush Tracey admitted that her life has been tough ever since the switch.

People are so judgmental. At the end of the day, you do not live my life so you do not know what I go through and why I make certain decisions in my life. And me deciding to do gospel I believe God is in control of everything. All that I have and I have done is because of God. My talent without God in it, I wouldn´t be where I am today.

Her lifestyle decisions irk majority of Kenyans, especially after getting saved, but with ways that speak a totally different language.

I understand that I may have made some decisions that are not Christian-oriented and that is based on the fact that when you try to get help from people and they will see if they help you they are doing you a favor. To help you they have to get something from you.



The Switch TV presenter revealed that despite having a talent, it seems the gospel world is not her place.

I decided I am not going to lower myself because I understand where God has brought me and what happened for me to say I switched. And what I am doing right now is because I do not want to call someone right now and be like ´I need your help´. I want to help people and try to change the world. But the things God has given me are on the other side and I believe whatever I am doing God is still in it.

Tamima went ahead to ask how she feels, making the headlines right from churches to among individuals – basically everywhere.

Man can judge me and it is okay. I could care less but at the end of the day, where I am with my God is where I am with my God. I am just an artiste. What I know is that I will do Christian music and music that will impact people because at the end of the day you have these two sides of yours. A side I get money to fulfill my dreams. So if God shows me a way without stooping low, I am going to do it. God is above everything, doesn´t matter what I do or call myself, it is your personal relationship.



Well, what is her take home after publicly announcing her switch, only for it to be slapped back right at her face?

I do not regret making the choice public. Because at that point the decision I made then is what keeps me together. As much as I am doing things that people do not agree with, it gave me a stand. Before I was being reckless, no thought. I am cautious about how I present my brand and how I talk about God.


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